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Great conversations.

Timeless leadership lessons from giants. Keep it up! There are lessons here for all ranks and positions!

Great Podcast for leadership lessons

Great discussions for young leaders to listen to and ponder. Please keep this going. Can't wait for more content. Recommend an episode regarding leadership with Scott Huesing, writer of Echo in Ramadi.

Great stuff!

Really great nuggets of truth on leadership and how to lead well!

Where was this 20 years ago?

Invaluable. Should be mandatory listening for all ranks. Focus listening at the schoolhouses and have a PODclub like a book club at each unit. Armstrong is killing it in the arena.

Worth. Your. Time.

What an invaluable platform for leaders to leverage!

Top tier military/leadership podcast

Great discussion with current Marine leaders.

Overwhelmingly Enlightening

This podcast should be required listening for all ranks. I am ALWAYS exhaustingly checked the social media pages and podcast library to see if I missed any episodes or time remaining in those episodes. S/F

Well done; very insightful!

Well done Dave, keep it going, as a Naval officer, I would greatly appreciate you having some Senior Navy Officers on your podcast..we are having some challenges with our ship commanders….i would love to here perspectives from fleet Admirals!

Great podcast

Full of leadership lessons, wish I had this resource when I was still wearing boots!

Every Leader Must Subscribe

Insightful, witty, thought provoking and relevant. It has had a profound impact on my approach to operational planning, leadership and teaching the Marines in my unit. Please continue getting incredible servant leaders and accomplished veterans, because it is having an indelible, positive impact on our Corps. (Recommend LtCol Scott Cuomo for the next one; maybe I’m biased because I was on his staff) Sir, you are doing the Lord’s work. Bravo Zulu. S/F Capt Ramirez, M.A.

Thoughtful, Smart, Fantastic

Everyone interested in leadership, regardless of whether they’ve been in the military or not, should listen to this. I’ve listened to every episode. Dave Armstrong is a fantastic interviewer. He relies on his own vast experience to ask thoughtful and thought-provoking questions of successful military leaders, all of whom display their depth as human beings and genuine concern for those they’ve led. The best of military leadership have lessons for all aspects of life.

High Impact Listening

Phenomenal podcast for leaders of all grades. Articulate host with questions and personal experiences that draw truly insightful responses from guests. Some of the highest fidelity content out there. Excited to stay tuned and share with my Marines. Semper Fi!

Leadership Handbook

This podcast is a remarkable guide and tool for leaders of any experience level. The vast experiences and stories shared from senior leaders with Mr. Armstrong are nothing short of incredible. This podcast allows young leaders of both military and civilian organizations to learn from the mistakes of successful people who have used those mistakes to better themselves and those around them. A must listen for anyone at any level of leadership.

Semper Fi

Young Corporal here currently a PltSgt and i'm here to learn. I take notes while listening.

Moments in Leadership

Great podcast for leaders in all arenas. Must listen for Marine leaders


Dave has done such a great job in facilitating these podcasts. Very rarely does anyone get the opportunity to speak with and obtain the career insights of so many influential military leaders. As our nation and military continue to evolve, it is wonderful to hear the experiences of the Senior Enlisted and Senior Officers. You get the opportunity to hear their personal stories and how they became the leaders that they are today. Thank you Dave for creating this platform! Keep it going! S/F, Bo


Dave pulls in the Corps current and retired leaders and pulls some of the most invaluable knowledge for everyone to learn.

Unbelievable lessons learned

This podcast is truly amazing. So many different lessons learned and so many to be shared.

Practical, relevant leadership lessons

Dave does a great job pulling the threads on his guests’ leadership lessons. I wish I would have had access to something like this when I was a young leader. I’m not big on mandatory training, but this is pretty close to what I’d call “required listening” for aspiring leaders…officer and enlisted, young or old.

Quality PME (Pro Military Education) at your fingertips

Priceless value gained from listening and learning from these senior military leaders. Great Q&A format, organized conversation point by point. Love the expansion of podcasts in the military community, easily accessible via phone while working out or commuting. Would recommend to all junior military leaders

Great podcast for developing leaders at all levels

This podcast does a great job of dissecting critical decision points in a lot of senior leaders careers. Great insights into lessons learned and what is expected of leaders at every level of command or influence.

Leadership Lessons En Masse

This podcast is dense with top level tried and true leaders. The lessons are easily transferable between general organizational leadership and military leadership. From the perspective of an active duty Marine though, this podcast provides insight into what made those at the top of our organization and similar organizations so successful. Devoid of fluff talk, each episode is packed full of nuggets of wisdom packaged in the narrative of the lives and lessons lived by the guests and host alike. Even after only listening to a few episodes so far, I have already taken some of the lessons learned and applied them in the way I teach the Marine Corps leaders at it’s academy. Each podcast in itself can be used like a weekly book club amongst your own team to help foster critical thought and bountiful discussion. This is a must to subscribe.

Worthy of Your Time

Dave has done an outstanding job of finding guests who have led from the organizational level all the way down to the platoon and squad. The format is great, I personally enjoy the way he frames the questions and allows his guests to share their story free of interruptions. This has become my go to PodCast whenever I travel and I have learned a considerable amount from those he has profiled on this show!

Favorite podcast

Without a doubt one of the best podcast to listen to. I wish this was out here before I retired in 2019. I definitely use the advice given for my civilian career so I don’t make the same mistake twice, from a leadership perspective. Keep up the good work!

Empowering Through Sharing

The wealth of experiences in leadership, both taught & caught, of Dave & his guests spans decades. He has zeroed in through this podcast to bring those experiences to all of us. I remember vividly as a Lance Corporal the kind of leader I wanted, and wanted to be. Dave is one of those leaders! I listen to this podcast and walk away with different thoughts, ideas and tools for my leadership toolbox after every episode. Dave & his guests share their experiences in a manner that can help all leaders, military & civilian of all levels, that can empower you as an effective leader. Unfortunately, I left Mike a couple years prior to Dave becoming the Battery Commander and did not have the opportunity to serve with him. Hindsight being 20/20, I wish I had re-enlisted after 12 years so I could have experienced his leadership personally as a Sergeant of Marines!

Take Aways for Civilian Listeners

Greetings! Don’t let the subject matter, icon, or ranks turn you away; entrepreneurs and leaders from all walks of life (especially the civilian world) will undoubtedly finish each podcast with meaningful take aways. As far as I know, there is no other podcast out there that questions this caliber of leadership. Believe me, you will enjoy diving into the unconventional careers of top-tier guests in this easygoing format. Personally, I’m a young (25yo) business owner at the beginning of my career in the agricultural sector. I’ve leveraged lessons learned from these episodes in managing 2.5-acres of fruit tree production with my peers and this will only continue as we hire more staff. Moments in Leadership is one of my favorite podcasts to hear during commutes to and from the nursery. The articulate perspectives and consistent question sets help one see business/entrepreneurship in a multitude of new ways while also making for an easy listen. I love the new intro used in episode 11 as well! Keep up the solid work!

Superb Podcast

I listen to a lot of podcasts on a diverse group of subjects, and the Moments in Leadership podcast is one of my favorites. The guests are all extremely accomplished and fascinating in their own right, but David has an interviewing style that gets them to open up further and share illuminating anecdotes from their careers that other interviewers may not have been able to access. And while the podcast focuses on military leaders, there is a lot to be learned from these leaders for those of us in the private sector. Highly recommend giving this a listen!

Great podcast

Dave has thoughtful, reflective guests and asks the right questions!

Great podcast for leaders

Each time I listen to an episode I walk away with another tool that would have been beneficial as a junior leader and avoided lessons learned the hard way. Great to be able to take lessons from proven leaders and apply them to be a more effective leader. A must listen for anyone in a leadership position, especially junior leaders.

Great leadership advice

I’m a prior enlisted soldier going through ROTC and have been listening to a lot of leadership podcasts recently. I found this podcast and was hooked in the first episode. It honestly has done a lot for my confidence as a leader. The podcast interviews senior officers and does a great job of humanizing them. It’s easy to see generals as almost legendary figures but this really makes them feel like normal people. If normal people can do it, maybe I can do it too. I look forward to many more episodes.