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Love hearing these long form interviews, some with Marine leaders that I recall (‘86-‘97). Keep it up!

A true leader of men

I served with him in Somalia and 30 years later I still haven’t met a better leader of men. I can go on and on for days about him and his style. I’d still go to battle with him!!!

As close as you can get without enlisting

As a Marine the most important lessons you can learn not “the hard way” are from sitting around and listening to those senior to you tell stories. This podcast is as close as you can get to those experiences without enlisting yourself.

Off to a good start.

Anyone who interviews Boomer Milstead is off to a really good start. Looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

So real. So inspiring.

As a listener from the corporate world, without military knowledge, I’ve immensely enjoyed the Moments in Leadership podcast and have gathered many incentives from each episode. Hearing the genuine passion, knowledge, and dedication from each guest sharing their experiences is admirable and signifi…

Listen and Learn

Great knowledge from great leaders and a great host. Take in the leadership experiences provided by these successful Marines and apply them to both your professional life and personal life.

Well done

Easy listening. Quick and clear leadership advice. Subscribed and looking forward to future content.

Another great interview

Really enjoyed the first part of Gen Milstead’s interview! It’s great actually knowing him personally. Keep up the good work Dave! S/F

Genuine and fun!

The host, Dave, does a great job focusing on vignettes with the guests which I personally really appreciate because so many leadership podcasts these days don’t seem like they give realistic advice or context. This seems much more genuine and approachable. Great new pod!

Addresses the hard subjects

Longer form podcast which gives the guests time to expand on hard topics. There are many things that you wouldn’t want publicly published in a short form interview, and this podcast gives the guests room to pursue the harder questions of leadership and outline the many sides to the most difficult …

Great interview

Outstanding interview with General Spiese. A tremendous trainer and educator of Marines of all ranks. Dave did a superb - distilling anecdotes applicable to all.

Leadership lessons for anyone

Great Podcast! These warriors discussions on leadership can apply to any walk of life. Keep up the great work. Col Dave Mills USMC

Great podcast!!!

This is such a great podcast on leadership! So glad I found it!!!

Good listen!

David is an interesting person that has the experience to ask the right questions that allow an interview about the military and leadership to flow naturally. I binge listened to the first two episodes and am looking forward to more!

Very Strong Beginning

This is as good a “first” podcast as I have heard. The potential with both the host, the subject matter and future guests will make this a “must listen”. Very encouraging.

Stories that need to be heard

Great podcast - too often lessons from stories like these live only with those who experienced them. Glad these are being shared. Stellar lineup and looking forward to the next episodes.

Fresh and captivating

Having known Dave for the past 30 years, I can say with certainty that he’s a master storyteller. This approach of blending experience with humor and a lesson will be a home run. Can’t wait for the next installment!

Great podcast - looking forward to future episodes

Love the stories and the theme of "moments" where next generation leaders can learn from the stories of otheres who have gone before them

Lightning from the Sky, Leadership from the airwaves

Dave is the right guy for the bringing leadership to the forefront of the podcast arena. Not anyone could corral all ranks, shapes and sizes to capture the true ethos of leadership in our challenging world.