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Phenomenal Podcast!

This entire series of podcast episodes has been incredibly impactful for service members of all branches and ranks! I second the vote to have more senior enlisted on, and want to add a plug for Chief Warrant Officers as well. Let me be the first to volunteer! Best regards, CWO Lee Bowden

Where was this 20 years ago?

Invaluable. Should be mandatory listening for all ranks. Focus listening at the schoolhouses and have a PODclub like a book club at each unit. Armstrong is killing it in the arena.

More senior enlisted please!

I was told about this podcast from a friend and am working my way through all the episodes. My request is to hear from more senior enlisted Marines, Master Sergeants and Master Gunnery Sergeants. The men and women that normally don’t do these type of interviews but everyday lead Marines. I think that would be interesting to hear. Keep up the great work.

A truly amazing record of our great military leader’s experiences

Moments in Leadership is a tremendous collection of memoirs and experiences of our Military’s greatest leaders. The long form conversations immerse the listener in the most critical moments that have formed the leadership styles of great Marines, Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen. I especially appreciate his conversation with Col Andy Milburn. I highly recommend this show to anyone who is looking for insights into the successes and failures or our top military minds.

Amazing podcast

Great podcast and interviews!

Great discussion!

As a prior service Marine, I wish that I had had this sort of candid insight from senior leadership during my time of service. I felt like my entire time as a junior enlisted Marine in 5/11 was a scene from Bird Box. This podcast, though 20 years too late for me, lifts that blindfold and exposes many of the easily avoidable pitfalls that I and my fellow Marines encountered on a daily basis. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone.


This podcast gives great insight into military leadership and lots of the “behind the curtain” perspectives.

Priceless Insight!

I am a Lance Corporal for context. I have listened to every episode that is out as of now, and have found the insight into leadership absolutely invaluable. Even if every piece doesn’t apply directly, it’s nice to know the “why” and see the role I play in the big picture. Not only does it in a variety of ways humanize leadership that many people may feel are out of touch, but also instills a level of confidence in those of us who were on the line of reenlisting. Thank You, for all the effort you put in to making Moments in Leadership. I recommend it constantly. It isn’t falling on deaf ears.

One of the best military leadership podcasts

An amazing resource for developing leaders, this podcast excels at having relevant and high-value conversations with some of the best modern day leaders. Great for all ranks. Add this to your morning drive.

Awesome podcast for all

Each podcast brings so much good knowledge and input into what develops good leaders!

Audio Gold

An excellent resource for anyone in a leadership role. What makes it so great is the diversity of perspectives each guest brings into the podcast. In this series we hear from members from all branches, enlisted and officer, each with their own different experiences, perspectives, and lessons learned. The topics are just as diverse as the guest speakers; ranging from leadership, mentoring, the importance of logistics, planning, administration (awards/performance evaluations), decision making, and coping with the loss of family and loved ones, just to make a few. My team and I always look forward to each episode and discussing them in our weekly training/PME huddles. Thank you again for this project. It is truly appreciated!

Leadership is not just for Marines

My Marine son-in-law and I were looking for road-trip entertainment. Moments in Leadership was suggested for us I am glad we started listening. I heard some great insights into leadership that applies not only to the military but also to the civilian world. After our trip, I was intrigued enough to start from the beginning. I highly recommend giving this a listen.

Candid & Authentic: Distilled Leadership lessons Multiple generations

One of my favorite podcasts. Dave has a unique way of getting the stories we’ll learn the most from. Almost like sitting around BSing but way more productive! Between the Hotwash, Andy Milburn and Gen Alford it’s hard to say what my favorite episode is but that just means we’ll have to figure it out for ourselves. Would love to see some more Sr enlisted on the show but that just means I’ll have to make some recommendations!! Great work and a must listen for any serious leader. Semper Fidelis Teufelhunden !!

Thank You

Sir, you got Young Marines out here like me with access to not only informations but as well as perspectives. hearing things from the bigger picture super MOTO 🔥🔥🔥 i've listen to all the Eps not only gives me hella ideas on how to lead but my confidence is sky rocketing this how valuable your work is affecting us

An Incredible Tool

This podcast is an incredible tool for all ranks and all branches to utilize. The podcast bridges the divide between senior enlisted/senior officers and lower enlisted/junior officers by showing the personal side of some the senior leaders across the force. The type of thing I wish I had when I was in.

Intersting discussions and actionable insights

Great discussions and great lessons from some fantastic senior leaders and those on the front lines. I think this series helps any leader with actionable takeaways on how to get 1% better every day. Wish more active duty commands (E9s, and O5/O6s) would employ these types of dynamic discussions in units, and most importantly utilize the lessons. Would be great to hear from some Salty Senior Lance Corporals in infantry battalions...

Awesome host, incredible guests

Dave’s podcast is the best of the best. A fantastic, invaluable podcast that I would recommend to anyone, military and civilian.

Aggravates me in a good way

Every episode has some kind of lesson that I wish I had known even as an E6 in a non-combat MOS. The caliber of commanders and senior leaders that he scores for interviews is truly impressive.

Iron Sharpens Iron

“Moments in Leadership” is the highest-quality, long-form dialogue with influential military leaders. The Host extracts tremendous lessons learned from Guests, then translates them for the Listener - no matter rank, service, or occupation - to action, in their own career (and life). This Podcast is a modern approach and effective tool that should be shared widely by those of us serving in the ranks today. Semper Fidelis.

A must for future officers

I wish I had this resource when I was a Midshipman. These leadership stories are invaluable for future leaders.

Buy you a beer

Great podcast and insight from leaders across the services. Just became a buy you a beer contributor.

Outstanding Leadership Podcast

A truly outstanding military leadership podcast. Having listened to every episode, each one has worthwhile insight from some of the top leaders in the DOD. Should be required PME to listen to as hundreds of real world examples of leadership can be heard from top Officers and Enlisted members of the military on as guests. Young Lieutenants and Corporals all the way up to Colonels and Generals will be able to take something away from this podcast and action on to improve their leadership skills in their day to day life.

A Call to Action

I have found that if you ask junior leaders and junior Marines what they want, what motivates and inspires them, and where they think the institution’s priorities should be, you get insight to the culture on the ground and you can see that, by and large, they’re frustrated that it’s not being upheld. Then Dave interviews senior leaders—2 and 3-star officers, sergeants major, first sergeants—and you realize that these leaders also have this same cultural mindset. So where is the disconnect? How is it that the commander’s intent isn’t being met if these two groups are aligned? I think the answer is “mid-level management.” Mid-level staff officers and SNCOs are often the ones driving events (or not driving them) and we need to ask why. MIL offers great stories and insight, but it really should drive meaningful conversations about internal recruiting of key billets and be a call to action to hold the mid-level staff of the institution accountable for failing the expectations of its most junior and senior Marines and sailors.

A must listen for any aspiring small unit leader

I'm a Sergeant in the Marine Corps, and I feel like every time I listen to this podcast I get another peek behind the elusive curtains that hide most of the thought processes of those in the highest positions. As someone who was a Lance Corporal in 2nd MarDiv when the BDR dropped, I had no idea what was happening, but being able to hear what was going through the head of the commander really made me think about why it happened. This podcast is very valuable for anyone, whether as a civilian, or a military member doing 4-40 years.

Moments in Leadership

I am a retired Marine. I wish I had access to these kinds of leadership lessons when I was a young leader. Anyone listening to this podcast will come away with outstanding leadership Insights to use in their careers.

Excellent source for leadership and life lessons in the profession of arms

As a fresh commissionee in the Corps, I constantly wait for new episodes featuring members from all across the force on how to embody leadership in a constantly evolving environment. Each perspective offers a different lens on how to lead young Marines (or other service members) and be led yourself. In my experience, MIL is far and away one of the best podcasts out there for leaders striving to improve their craft.

Great conversations.

Timeless leadership lessons from giants. Keep it up! There are lessons here for all ranks and positions!

Great Podcast for leadership lessons

Great discussions for young leaders to listen to and ponder. Please keep this going. Can't wait for more content. Recommend an episode regarding leadership with Scott Huesing, writer of Echo in Ramadi.

Great stuff!

Really great nuggets of truth on leadership and how to lead well!

Where was this 20 years ago?

Invaluable. Should be mandatory listening for all ranks. Focus listening at the schoolhouses and have a PODclub like a book club at each unit. Armstrong is killing it in the arena.