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Aug. 22, 2022

How to Perform at Every Rank, Why Courage Can Be Seen More in Peacetime Than in Combat, and How Listening Is a Powerful Leadership Skill, With the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Troy Black

How to Perform at Every Rank, Why Courage Can Be Seen More in Peacetime Than in Combat, and How Listening Is a Powerful Leadership Skill, With the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Troy Black

An insightful and empowering discussion with the Senior Enlisted Leader of the United States Marine Corps, Sergeant Major Troy Black.

Listen in as we discuss SgtMaj Black's experiences as a young Marine, a new NCO, and in leadership roles as a First Sergeant and a Sergeant Major. Hear him tell the stories of young PFC Black as well as his first experience leading his fellow Lance Corporal peers as a brand new Corporal. Hear about and learn what he did well and what he'd do differently. He sheds light on the importance of the different oaths we take and how they shape our leadership responsibilities. He shares some perspective on taking care of the most junior Marine in order to make sure they have what they need, but how sometimes it's difficult for the Marines to see it happening fast enough. We wrap up discussing how difficult it becomes for leaders to communicate with the junior Marines the higher they get “in the proverbial food chain” but wants everyone know that, that if they feel out of touch with senior leadership, it's not because they desire for it to be that way.


This is an incredibly insightful and empowering discussion where leaders from all branches and of all ranks can gain some valuable insight from the senior enlisted leader in the Marine Corps. 


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What is Moments in Leadership?

Moments in Leadership is a podcast where you will hear firsthand about the careers of senior military leaders as they share their unique and individual experiences. Moments in Leadership will immerse you in real-life stories where you will learn about the challenging situations these accomplished leaders faced and discover the lessons they learned early in their careers that were the most influential in developing their overall leadership style. 


Conceptualized by a group of friends who served together as young officers in the early to mid-1990s sitting around a firepit telling funny leadership stories, Moments in Leadership is designed to provide some relatable context to the formal leadership training leaders of all ranks and services receive throughout their military careers through the power of storytelling.


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About the Host:

David B. Armstrong, CFA, is President and Co-Founder of Monument Wealth Management, an independent wealth management firm he started in 2008 in Alexandria, Va. David received his B.A. from the University of South Carolina in Government & International Relations and his MBA at the University of South Carolina's Moore School of Business in International Finance. He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant through the Navy ROTC program and served on Active Duty in the Marine Corps from 1990-1997 as an Artillery Officer and then received a secondary MOS as a Tank Officer. He re-entered the Selected Marine Corps Reserves in 2003 and served in several billets across the Artillery, Tank, and Light Armored Reconnaissance communities. He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in late 2018.